Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The New Kit-Cat Club photo shoot

So Mike & Gloria of In the Long Run Designs have been doing this really cool project called the new Kit-Cat Portraits. When they were at the National Portrait Gallery in London, they saw a room of portraits of men (of course) who were members of the Kit-Cat Club, which was an 18th literary/dining club. The portraits have an interesting aspect ratio, longer than a typical head/shoulders portrait, but shorter than half-length. And all the poses are different, and some of the poses worked in an object relevant to that man’s work.

Their project used that same portrait size, with varied portraits, and a similar brownish background. BUT their portraits (besides being photography not painting), featured women (yay!) and they decided to use the late 18th century rather than the early. (Our costuming group has a lot of costumes of that era, less so early 18th century.)

You can read more in their own words on their blog (and see a pic of the original portraits):

Mike & Gloria have experimented with setting a temp studio up in their house and it works really well, especially for a short person like me!

They booked people for a specific time period, that allowed for getting ready, shooting some pics for fun, and then working on the Kit-Cat pic. They were super organized and it was fun seeing them experiment with different lighting set-ups. And it gave me some practice posing, since it’s something I still struggle with! Though sessions like this are helping me get more comfortable.

Here’s what the set-up looked like:






So, what was I wearing? I made a version of the famous KCI dress a number of years ago and it remains one of my favs. I used a sale red/white striped dupioni (not period accurate, but whatever, it’s silk and low slub). I wore antique earrings and a necklace and fan made by Gloria! The matching bracelets I think were from the Downton Abbey collection.


The Earrings:


Here is the Kit-Cat club image - and then I’ll finish with the other images they took.

the new Kit-Cat Club portrait







(This is the original dress from the KCI collection:)


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Victorian Tea

After Longwood Gardens, we headed to the DuPont Hotel for our tea. Kat was kind enough to let me use her room to change and also gave me a hairpiece which I used just for fun.


This was butter and lemon curd, but it looked like an egg yolk! IMG_9982

The huge dining room:


Meanwhile, Doug took Elena over to a kids museum and let her run around. They had a good time.




I have a fairly limited Victorian wardrobe, so I tried to take in my black watered silk Poe dress, which I haven’t worn for a while. Over it, I wore an antique pelerine. The little pin was a party favor.


Longwood Gardens

Before the Victorian tea in Delaware at the DuPont Hotel, last January, a bunch of us went to Longwood Gardens. There was costumed photography but because I was baby-wrangling and tired, I just went in Muggle clothes and changed later for the tea.

Elena was very recently walking and she held mine and Gloria’s hands and walked, and it was super cute.

Here’s some pics!


Elena wore her robot jumper, gifted to her by her namesake, Jasmin, all the way from England.

The little boots were from my Mom.











Victorian Christmas Tea 2019

Back to costumes! We’re finally at the Christmas season! (And it’s only May of the next year! Progress!)

These photos are from Caroline’s Victorian Christmas tea. I love her parties! Victorian is a huge hole in my wardrobe, so I rewore my 1840s plaid gown, but that’s ok because I like this dress. (I have since bought a couple Victorian gowns on a FB buy/sell group so I’m hoping to mix it up more in the future. Just don’t have much sewing time right now.)

Anyhoo, it was a fun party, here are photos!

(Mike and Gloria of In the Long Run Designs were experimenting with a new lens and I was happy with how these turned out. I also asked them to try and get a shot of my antique Victorian star comb. My earrings and necklaces are classic Dames a la Mode.




Thursday, May 9, 2019

Austenland Tea

Ok, I am in need of a happy post, so here we go! Stephanie’s (November) Pumpkin Tea this year was themed “Austenland,” and inspired by the movie. So costumes were encouraged to be less-than-historically-accurate, over-the-top, and the food was the same. It was super fun. Since I had no sewing time, I wore a reddish/pink Spencer that is pretty loud in color and a very tall hat (purchased on Etsy or eBay years ago), and I wore lots of make-up.The necklaces is old school Dames a la Mode and the earrings are In the Long Run Designs. :D

Here are pics!






Taylor embroidered a bag!