Thursday, July 16, 2020

Cosplay DC Woodlawn House (December)

Back in December, I participated in one of the Cosplay DC events, which was at the Woodlawn Mansion in Virginia. It was tough coming up with what to wear because I’d have an hour drive, maybe no place to change, and no will to do complicated hair and make-up.

This mansion has some interesting history - it was originally a part of Mount Vernon (Washington’s plantation) but was subdivided in the 19th century by abolitionists to demonstrate the viability of a free labor system.

The house itself dates to 1800-05.,_Virginia)

Anyway, the docents at the house were very nice and knowledgeable.

Costume-wise, I ended up going with my Arwen Mourning gown since I hadn’t worn it in years and I had never really gotten photos of the 2nd silk velvet version of the gown. Both versions of the gown were created in the very early digital days, so I thought it would be something that would work. I drove in something I could wear under the gown, and just had to have someone help me zip it up.

I was really happy with a lot of the pics that I got - I ended up spending most of my time hanging with Mike and Gloria (because I don’t get to see them nearly enough) so I only worked with a few photographers. Though I wish I had tried to work with more, I’m glad I got to see Mike and Gloria, and I also enjoyed talking with the people working at the house. We talked about maybe doing other events there, but then, well… 2020 happened.

Anyway, here are the photos.

This was one of my fav from the shoot - I thought the harp and the curvy furniture was vaguely Elven and I like how I look (amazing!) and it shows off my costume nicely. This is by Alicyn Drew:


She also took this one:


I also loved the pics Mike/Gloria/In The Long Run Designs got of me outside!


I also broke out the crown and veil!


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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Bustle Tea (November)

In November was Stephanie’s annual Pumpkin tea. This year instead of Regency, she went with Bustle era. I do not have a bustle, but I lucked out on Facebook and scored a bustle gown and an 1880s tea gown (bustle era!) that fit me perfectly. I just had to hem them a bit. This gown is specifically from the Truly Victorian pattern for an 1882 tea gown with Watteau back. I wore my cameo tiara, a necklace by Dames a la Mode that I bought to match the antique amethyst earrings I’m wearing, a big set of fake bangs (curly bangs were big, but these are a little extra), and some American Duchess heels that I love, but are just not meant for my foot shape. I changed into my Po-Zu boots after the group pic so I could actually walk. Oh, and my antique cameo bracelet.

Also the whole group used the Tintype app A LOT and it was really fun. Here are pictures!



Photo by Kat and Judy:


Gloria/In the Long Run Designs took some photos for me too!


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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

Years ago while attending the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party, I saw a young girl wearing an A League of Their Own costume.  Since it can be really hot in Orlando in the fall, it seemed like the perfect costume for the party.  So I filed that away for future reference, and indeed, I did make the costume and I did wear it to a MNSSHP!  I never posted the pics here, but I thought I would. We made sure to get to Caseys, the baseball themed restaurant as well.

At Trader Sam's for drinks!

At Caseys

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Carolyn's Goodbye Party (June 2019)

In June, Carolyn had one last costume party at the beautiful Capitol Hill house they had been renting for the last few years. We were very sorry to see Carolyn go, it was so nice having her in DC!

I was going to be a little late to the party, so I wanted something quick and easy to change into and that I could drive in. The theme was “any costume.” I remembered I had a vintage 20s gown that I had bought and not had a chance to wear yet, and it turned out very very well. I was really happy with the fit of the dress (I had taken it in a bit) and it was so floaty and comfortable (nor did I feel like I was damaging it by wearing it). I accessorized it with Miss L Fire shoes, a hat from Etsy, and antique necklaces. Even better, the slip came with the gown, so I didn’t have to figure out making one.

The food was lovely too:




There was an ivy wall outside that was great for photos:




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Friday, January 10, 2020

2019 Costume Year in Review

(I'm behind on updating events for the second half of the year, but you'll get some of that within.)

I… pretty much did nothing this year. Ok, that’s not totally true, but going through year two of motherhood + working full time leaves not enough time for me for sewing. At least, not enough big, contiguous chunks of time. I used to take a whole free weekend (when I had them) and spend all day on a project. I don’t have that anymore. And my evenings are for relaxing and recovering, and they are just enough time to take stuff out before having to go to bed. It’s just not working for me now, but I know that will change. And someday she will want to do her own thing, and I’m going to wonder what to do with my time!

Knowing all this, last year I said, “ Since my sewing time/drive has been so low, I think my main goal for 2019 will be to have as many of my older costumes photographed as possible. At least I’ll have a good record of them that way! So it’s accomplishing something.” and “ So next year, I’d like to finish the mending pile, to include actually assembling that new regency dress. Trimming the francaise would be good. As would doing literally anything else. I clearly need a bustle gown. Other than that, I think I’ll just try to rewear stuff that never was well-photographed, and get as many pics as I can.”

Since I set the bar so very low, I can say that yes! I accomplished this! I rewore stuff, I had photographs taken of old stuff. I did not trim the francaise, though that’s not because I didn’t try. The trim I had envisioned just didn’t look right with the fabric I had, so after trying a couple different ways to pleat the fabric, I put it away for another time. So I did at least try. And I did finish my mending pile!! I did not assemble the regency dress. I took it out a few times and just wasn’t into it. And since the Pumpkin Tea this year was bustle era and not regency, I figured I can do it next time I need a new regency day dress. So I deprioritized it.

I did go to quite a few costume events, which was nice. And I bought two Victorian gowns on FB, so I finally have things to fill in the gaps where I have not had time to sew. One of them still needs hemming, though I hemmed the first one I bought.

So here was my year.

February: Victorian Tea at Dupont Hotel


The lighting was terrible but Mike and Gloria did do some pics. I wore my old 1840s watered silk gown with an antique pelerine over it just to do something new. Here’s their pic of me:


I participated in In the Long Run Designs New Kit-Cat Club photo project. Here was my photo from that project. I wore an older gown, but one of my favs. Red and white striped silk and a take on the famous gown from the KCI collection. I got some nice photos of it from that shoot!

the new Kit-Cat Club portrait

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