Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mini Costume Gala

Carolyn has this gorgeous huge house she is renting in Capitol Hill while she and her husband are here, and she has started throwing some parties to take advantage of it. I’ve been to two of them and she’s also a wonderful hostess. This party was in October.

I was really happy Kat came down and stayed with me overnight to come to the mini costume gala which was awesome. I’m glad she was able to get away for a little bit.

Here she is taking a selfie with Willow!


I wore this little yellow jacket I never got the chance to wear more than once. And I had to take it in, which is great! I got this fabric, which is a pale yellow and cream stripe with a floral pattern, I got in Germany. It was just a meter of fabric, but I managed to get this jacket with ruffly peplum out of it. No extra fabric for trim, so I used lace. I meant to wear a different cream petticoat I had made to go with it but realized later I accidentally grabbed the petti from my cream francaise. It looks pretty simlilar, so that’s fine. I wore a brooch of my favorite Mrs. Russell, made for me by my friend Gen, a Dames A La Mode necklace, and antique earrings and bracelet.


Kat did 1830s. (The party was any-costume.)


Every time I successfully parallel park, I feel compelled to take a photo. (This, after the incident at a Greek festival where, to make a long story short, they outraged me by parking cars based on the gender of the driver because men are genetically better at parallel parking.)