Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who wants pretty shoes?

I know I do!

American Duchess has been working on getting silk 18th century repro shoes made.  Our group order has to be 100 pairs though. So if you're interested, now is the time! The pre-sale starts on Friday.

The shoes all come in dyeable white silk.

Here is her blog post that has all the relevant info:

SO pretty! I definitely want one! (Or maybe two!) The pre-order price is great AND she's going to have sizes from 6-12 including 1/2 sizes!

Spread the news around so everyone who is interested knows! (She said to feel free to use her images to spread the word!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nouveau Mirror

Ok, this isn't really costumey, but I'm going to post it anyway. I got this Nouveau mirror at an antique show for a great price. I think it's so pretty!

Brooch & buttons

I bought this (and probably overpaid) at an antique show, but she's really pretty.  The buttons are also antique, but my Mom acquired them somewhere. They're blue glass heads.

An antique buckle

This dragon buckle is also from ebay.   I don't know much about it. Nouveau?

More cameos

Here are a few more cameos from ebay. Shell cameos are some of my favorite things.

I love this one, she's one of my favorites.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Shakespeare in Love" Polaroids

I bought these from Propstore.com ages ago because I love this movie so much - and I love that particular gown of Viola's.  Here are some scans:

18th century cap

I bought this on etsy from ColeV.  It wasn't something I wanted to sew myself, and this one is so pretty! (Her etsy store is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GoldenHind)

My great-grandmother's watch

Here is a picture of my great-grandmother (on my mother's side) in 1915. 

Note the watch on her right wrist - we still have it, which is pretty cool.

1960s "Peggy" dress

My friend Magpie spotted this dress on ebay and I won it, and it fits, yay! It's really really close one Peggy wore on Mad Men.  I need to buy the right 60s undergarments now.  Magpie sent me a ton of useful info, so I will go back and look at that. :-)


I thought I'd post these on here too, to remind myself to use them if I do more later Victorian stuff!

The first are these Pleaser boots ("Bordello Women's WHIMSEY-115"). They're available in a variety of places and for a variety of prices, but you can see them on Amazon here.

They're pretty close (except for the bow) to Violet Baudelaire's boots, and there are period boots that are strappy like this. So pretty.

The other recent purchase are these Anthropologie boots that I got on the secondary market, the "chiseled doiley" bootie. I know they're not period accurate, but I would totally wear them anyway with a costume.  :-)

They were also a style worn by Quinn on Glee. (She wears a lot of Anthropologie.)


I got this at a doll/antique show. It didn't cost very much, but it's pretty! Not sure what era either. It's got pretty white work on it though.

1960s dress

This is tinier than I thought, so it doesn't fit, but it's pretty! Again, the ebay seller's pics.

1890s blouse

Also from that ebay seller. They are her pics. It doesn't fit me, but it's so pretty.

Lace capelet

I don't know much about the era, but I got it for a really good price on ebay.  1890s again? Also, the seller's photos again.

Edwardian Gown

I got this for a good price on ebay.   It needs a replacement sash, but other than a few tears, it's in really nice shape. It's constructed really interestingly. These are the ebay seller's photos, not mine!

A few pins

Ebay finds:

This one might be 20s?

A hat from The Patriot

I bought this from an online propstore. (Screenused.com I think?) It's so pretty. The straw is really high quality and the ribbon decoration is beautiful too!


1890s cape

An ebay find that needed some real cleaning when I got it.


I really have to remember to save the ebay pics when I buy something! Here's another cameo. The files are labeled vandell, so I guess that's the brand? I like that she has short hair, she's sort of different.


I think my mom actually bought this one on ebay and then she gave it to me? It's pretty anyway!

Amber Nouveau Pendant

I got this on ebay in 2001, and I love it to bits. It's just so unusual, and the Medusa head on it is so surprisingly lovely.  I almost lost it once, and so I try to be careful with it. I don't know that it's old, but it's in a sort of nouveau style.

Fresh start!

I've decided to give yet another blogging site a try because I'm to the point where I just don't have time to update static html pages. I need something quick to update, easy to search (hooray for labels), and public.   I'm hoping this will serve as a costume portfolio and I will be better about posting "how-to's".

If this works, what I'll do is update/post costume pics here, and then link to the appropriate label/ or entry from my existing costume site which is: http://costumersguide.com/maggie_costumes/

This blog will be for my own costumes, it's not a costumersguide.com replacement.   :-)

I thought maybe I would make some pages for past costumes, just as an archive of things I've done. And I decided to also add other costume-related things, like vintage or costumey jewelry I've collected, and some of my movie props/costumes, and the few vintage/antiques I have.

18th century fan

This was a splurge from a few years ago. The fan is circa 1770, French. It's painted silk with ivory sticks, leaf, spangles, and embroidery.



Victorian fan with 18th century themed painting

I got this online - it came in such a pretty box.  The item description on Ruby Lane said "This is a beautiful hand painted vintage Ladies fan.  It is also signed.  I am not sure of the date...we estimate that it is late 19th or earlier 20th century.  The quality is beautiful as is the hand painting."

And it really is beautiful!

Modern jewelry for costumes

I found these awhile ago online here: http://www.sweetromanceonline.com

Unfortunately I don't think they stock them anymore, but they're really cute for 18th century costuming! (Not re-enacting, of course.)

I also got a pair of these Betsy Johnson earrings on ebay.  They're cute too!