Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dallas Fort Worth - Regency Dinner

We had a fancy Regency dinner in Dallas at Pappadeauxs, as an early birthday celebration for Jen. It was SO fun. The food was great, we had a private room (though the restaurant had booked a party in that room not long after us, the service was slow - which was not an issue for us, only for the party after us, and we got hassled by the people waiting), and though there wasn't much room for pictures, we managed anyway.

We also just missed some bad weather. We managed to get there right before it hit and it was over by the time we got out of dinner. It did make it hard to get a group pic since the ground was wet, but that's ok.

I wore my 1790s fashion plate gown.

Jen handpainted the trim on her gown, which was amazing. It was so beautifully done with the design being shaded and I don't know how it's so perfect because the design is so small. I was a big fan!




Dallas Fort Worth - Log Cabin Village

Getting back to my Dallas trip in March. On Saturday we visited a log cabin village in regency outfits. We were a little early time-period-wise, but it was a fun place to take photos - and actually really interesting to visit. Some of the log cabins (which were moved here from elsewhere) had a lot of history to them. And they were doing living history things like showing how spinning was done - one cabin was cooking something that smelled SO good I wished I could have eaten it. There was also a folk band playing in one of the buildings. We danced and entertained them so much that they wanted a group photo with us!



Friday, April 18, 2014

Dallas Fort Worth - Thistle Hill

I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit my DFW friends for a costume weekend!

Lesa picked me up, we headed to Ginger's house to change, and then met up with everyone at Thistle Hill, a 1904 Georgian Revival house in Fort Worth, TX.

We did a variety of costumes - some of us did vintage (Ginger and Jen were 1930s), I only had 60s vintage - I wore the dress Magpie Jen found that is really similar to one Peggy wore on Mad Men - and kind of had a Scooby Doo thing going. Others were superheros.




We did a "flashlight tour" which means we spent more time behind the scenes than seeing the nice parts of the mansion. It was pretty cool going "behind the scenes".