Sunday, February 14, 2016

Birthnight Ball

We attended the Birthnight Ball at Gadsby's Tavern last night. Just the ball, not the banquet. We actually had dinner at Warehouse Bar & Grill, and it was delicious.

Here's a group pic:


Gadsby's had food too at the ball, but were were so stuffed from dinner!


The traditional hedgehog:


George Washington's birthday cake:


This guy's wig game was on point:



I made a drop front dress from the Laughing Moon pattern I used for my white and silver striped one:

I used a silver tissue sari embroidered with bullion that I got at the Great Fabric Giveaway at the Pumpkin tea! My tiara is vintage teens/20s:

I wore this little late Victorian Star brooch:

A couple of Georgian rings:

My bargain Georgian earrings:

And my lovely necklace was made by Gloria, and In the Long Run Designs:




George and Martha Washington:


George Washington making a toast/speech:



Here he wishes the King of England "eternal itching!"


Shoe shot!


Group shot:


And the back of my gown:


Georgian Ring

This little Georgian eternity band I bought right before my cat had a lot of $$$ vet bills. :-/  So my last splurge for a while!  Fortunately it actually wasn't super expensive - I think it was a good buy. I got it from nalfie/CJ Antiques LTD. It's 9K gold, silver-foil-backed paste, circa 1800. 

Pics credit: nalfie/CJ Antiques LTD.

I love the Georgian settings, they're so pretty!

Georgian Ring

I got this last year from nalfie/CJ Antiques Ltd - it's an early English 15k gold right with silver-foil backed paste stones, circa 1770/80. This was my Christmas present to myself last year!

Pics credited nalfie/CJ Antiques Lt:

Two vintage buckles

A couple pieces I got ages ago - two very different looking vintage buckles. I believe both were ebay purchases, neither expensive.

Mid-Victorian Jet Comb

I got this tiara a couple years ago on Ruby Lane - another one Kat found, so I credit her with this! It's a mid-Victorian french jet tiara.  Photos are credit "The Spanish Comb."

Cameos from over the years...

Here are a bunch of cameos I've picked up on ebay over the years.  Some cameo, some painted. None particularly expensive.