Thursday, July 16, 2020

Cosplay DC Woodlawn House (December)

Back in December, I participated in one of the Cosplay DC events, which was at the Woodlawn Mansion in Virginia. It was tough coming up with what to wear because I’d have an hour drive, maybe no place to change, and no will to do complicated hair and make-up.

This mansion has some interesting history - it was originally a part of Mount Vernon (Washington’s plantation) but was subdivided in the 19th century by abolitionists to demonstrate the viability of a free labor system.

The house itself dates to 1800-05.,_Virginia)

Anyway, the docents at the house were very nice and knowledgeable.

Costume-wise, I ended up going with my Arwen Mourning gown since I hadn’t worn it in years and I had never really gotten photos of the 2nd silk velvet version of the gown. Both versions of the gown were created in the very early digital days, so I thought it would be something that would work. I drove in something I could wear under the gown, and just had to have someone help me zip it up.

I was really happy with a lot of the pics that I got - I ended up spending most of my time hanging with Mike and Gloria (because I don’t get to see them nearly enough) so I only worked with a few photographers. Though I wish I had tried to work with more, I’m glad I got to see Mike and Gloria, and I also enjoyed talking with the people working at the house. We talked about maybe doing other events there, but then, well… 2020 happened.

Anyway, here are the photos.

This was one of my fav from the shoot - I thought the harp and the curvy furniture was vaguely Elven and I like how I look (amazing!) and it shows off my costume nicely. This is by Alicyn Drew:


She also took this one:


I also loved the pics Mike/Gloria/In The Long Run Designs got of me outside!


I also broke out the crown and veil!


More behind the cut.