Saturday, May 21, 2011

White cotton regency gown

I'd been wanting to make a regency dress out of some sheer cotton embroidered curtains I'd bought at Target a while ago.  I have a petticoat made out of them too - but I thought they'd make a perfect regency gown.

I finally got around to it, in time for summer.  It's a drawstring dress.  I again based it on the Sensibility pattern since it worked for me last time.  I altered the way the drawstrings go a bit though.    I next need to make a white petticoat for underneath. And possible a sleeveless chemise. :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shot Purple Anglaise

This was the first 18th century gown I made and I haven't worn it since 2007, so I pulled it out for Costume Con.  Here are a few pics:


It looked pretty in the sun!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beatle skirt #2

I bought this fabric on Spoonflower - it's a really subtle Beatles-themed print, with Rocky Racoons, strawberries, and yellow submarines.  There's another similar print which I ordered some of too, but it hasn't shipped yet. Anyway, I made a circle skirt and then used a blue skirt I don't wear anymore but was a great color to do the strip on the bottom.   It would have been better to use bias strips, but I don't think I had enough fabric.   I'm relatively happy with it. I should also mention that because the fabric is white, I had to do a lining too, which was a huge pain to deal with. :-)

Ignore the mess in the background! :-)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yellow Striped Sacque

Here are a few pics of my yellow sacque.  I'm not really happy with the hair, but I was kind of in a rush. :-)


Rococo Pirate

Here is the new outfit I made for Costume Con. I saw the winner of the Rococo fabric contest on Spoonflower and I had to get some. (  I was inspired by Jenni's Hello Kitty Anglaise, and thought this period-esque would make a cute period costume.  I decided to go a little different and make the JP Ryan jacket pattern I'd been wanting to try for a while, and a petticoat!  I had some pirate buttons on hand (I actually ordered more because I didn't think I had enough, but apparently I did.), and a pirate belt I'd bought at the Renaissance Faire a while ago.  I bought some box pleated trim on M&J Trims, hoping to match a piece I already had.  No luck there, but I thought the trim matched, so I went with it. I had a costumey tricorn, which I used because I had nothing else, but I bought a hat while I was there. I wore in on Sunday night but managed to not get any pics of myself in it that night!

I also ended up not wearing this skull necklace with it,   because I couldn't get the cord to stay adjusted. I just refound my PotC pirate medallion, maybe I should have worn that!

Poe Funeral 2009

There was an extra event in 2009, Poe's funeral.  A bunch of us dressed in mourning (as best as we could, anyway) and attended, even getting to be in the processional.



Costume Con 2011

I had a great time hanging out with friends at Costume Con this weekend!


Poe 2010

It was just Amanda and I in 2010, but we still had fun!


I even had a new dress!


I liked how my hair came out. On one side, anyway!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Regency Pumpkin Tea 2010

Stephanie's Pumpkin tea was really lovely!





More pics:

Fort Fred 2010

I'd never been to Fort Fred before, but it was really fun!




More pics:

DragonCon 2009

DragonCon 2009 was a fun year, but there wasn't much new costume-wise. The weekend was dominated by the Thrill the World event and hanging out with friends!



More pics:

Poe 2009

Tea and then another Poe birthday celebration!

Picture 3
Picture 8
Picture 9
Us with John Astin!

More pics:

18th century tea, 2010

A farewell tea for Loren's farm!






More pics:

DragonCon 2010

DragonCon 2010 was all about Lady Gaga Glee!

Costume Con 2009

Costume Con was so fun this year - we had a tea, and basically hung out in pretty costumes all weekend!




More pics:

DragonCon 2008

DragonCon 2008 was about Sgt Pepper, we had so much fun with these costumes.  Also, the Holyhead Herpes Harpies group was epic.  We also did a Shrek Princess group.

Also epic was Alan chasing Nathan around on the rascal that he stole from someone.

More pics:

18th Century Tea

Loren had an 18th century tea at her gorgeous farmhouse and we all dressed up for it, lots of us in chemise dresses.  It was so fun, and the pics came out so pretty!






More pics: