Sunday, April 1, 2018

Regency Pumpkin Tea and Candlelight Soiree - November 2017

In early November, as we did not have the baby early, we were able to attend Stephanie’s pumpkin tea, and also the candlelight soiree, both of which were lovely! Fortunately, regency is super easy to fit into when nine months pregnant! This was true for more than just me, because for the Pumpkin tea, we had a record 4 of us who were pregnant! As of now (early April), all four babies have now been born. :-) Two boys, two girls. Mine was our first, the others were all second babies. Which is why we all look the same amount pregnant despite me being like 2-4 months ahead of others. :-) The last one of the four was born just a week or so ago. Mine is just over 4 months old now and she was born about 2 weeks after this party! :-)

Here’s a few pics from the Soiree.




I wore my black sari gown, antique earrings and comb, and a Dames a La Mode necklace. The lovely Angela made Doug’s waistcoat.



Pics from In the Long Run Designs:


Much more behind the cut.