Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stripey 18th century robe a la francaise done!

I bought the striped silk taffeta from fabricguru.com. I believe I got nearly 10 yds for a total of 82.57 including shipping.  I actually even have some left!

I draped the back and then used the same pattern I used on the last sacque I made, an altered Simplicity pattern for the bodice side pieces.  The petticoat was draped too.

I used trim bought at Renaissance Fabrics and some on the sleeves that I bought at an antique show. I didn't have enough for the whole thing, but I liked the Renaissance Fabrics trim.  I also used some rosettes bought at the same antique show.

The roses were made by Katie Jacobs (katiejacobs.com) - they're actually made of coffee filters, but I think they look real! I was inspired by a costume from Marie Antoinette for the flowers on the stomacher. And there's one for the hair.

I hope to have some decent pics of me in this at Costume Con!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yet another cameo

I don't buy these for months and then I start looking and end up buying a couple.  Most of these aren't very expensive.  I got a good deal on this one, 25 bucks, and that's supposedly a real ruby. (Gold-filled frame.)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

And another cameo

A recent ebay splurge:

ETA: I just received this today (4/20/11) and it's gorgeous!

Yet still another "Maggie" pin

I got this for 4.99 pounds from the UK on ebay!

More regency hats

I got these on sale on ebay. They were cute and not too expensive, so I couldn't resist. (Don't tell me if they're not accurate.  I'm a costumer who likes pretty things, not a reenactor!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Regency Hat

I bought this regency hat from allastonishment on ebay. I couldn't resist it. Madame Kat pointed it out and then the seller dropped the price by 40 bucks.  So I bought it.

18th century vest

I bought this lovely machine quilted vest from April Thomas at Fort Fred last year!

Victorian Corset

My first Victorian corset was not good, and it was falling apart. So after having had success commissioning Louise/woodsholme for regency stays, and seeing as how she did make Victorian corsets, I commissioned her to make one for me!  I was really happy with the corset, she already had my measurements and it all went very well.  Here are the pics of the one she had listed on Etsy. Mine looks a lot like this:

Regency Stays

As I mentioned in this post, I've mostly decided to commission things I don't want to make, or don't have time to make, rather than letting not having an item hold me back from costuming that period.  One of the periods of costume in question is regency.  I didn't have regency stays.  I bought like 6 patterns, felt very intimated, mocked one up, and it went terribly.  So I poked around on etsy, found a seller with good feedback and who I could afford, and just went for it.  I also wanted stays I could get away with for a wide range of time, like maybe 30s/40s - and these fit the bill.  (I actually did do some googling and open front stays like this did start being worn in 1829, according to a bunch of sources (see comments). I am not a historian, so feel free to debate that date.  I don't really care though, I just wanted to not be totally off base and as long as there are multiple pages referencing that date, that's fine with me.  Also, metal grommets came in in 1828 apparently.)

Anyway, I couldn't be happier.  They fit, they're comfortable. She was very fast, communicative, she sent me a mock-up to try on and adjust, and I'd definitely recommend her.

She's Louise Pass, woodsholme on Etsy.  The pics are hers, of my commission.

Stripy bustle!

A long time ago, I wished that I had a set of underwear for every era so I could just worry about making gowns. I don't know why, but I've almost never enjoyed making things like corsets or hoops. I've come to accept it, and since my time is at such a premium these days, I've started commissioning the things I don't really want to make. Life is too short.

I've really wanted to do a bustle dress for a while, but one of the things holding me back is not having a proper corset or a bustle. I have a really crappy Victorian corset which was one of the first things I made - it's serviceable but really really terrible. I recently commissioned one. If I didn't post about it, I'll post soon.

Most recently, my friend Lindsey (http://stitcherbaby.blogspot.com/) opened up for commissions and she agreed to make one for me!

She just finished and it's adorable!  She used the Laughing Moon 112 pattern.

Hooray, thanks Lindsey!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another "Maggie" pin!

I just won this on ebay! It's not in fabulous shape, but it's my name, so...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Secret of Moonacre Red Velvet dress

I have one more Secret of Moonacre costume - a red velvet dress. There are two versions of this costume - one is with pearls on it, from the end of the movie. The one with the pearls is mine! I don't know whether it is a hero costume, or a double. The lower sleeves are just barely basted on - and so tiny I'd have to dislocate my thumb to get my hand in the sleeve!  It's really pretty though. My friend owns the dress on Natasha McElhone.

I haven't had the time to take my own pictures, so I'll use Propstore's for now.  I'll have to put it on my list of things to do to take pics.

More pics and info here: http://costumersguide.com/moonacre2.shtml

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Secret of Moonacre Pink dress

I was also able to buy the pink dress from The Secret of Moonacre. Mine is a double to the hero costume, however, my skirt was actually marked Dakota.  More pics and info here: http://costumersguide.com/moonacre1.shtml

Here is the Propstore.com description:

An ornate pink patterned dress worn by Maria (Dakota Blue Richards) in the 2009 fantasy adventure The Secret of Moonacre. This dress can be seen worn by the young star when she first moves in with her Uncle (Ioan Gruffudd) and she tries to find the unusual book. The pink dress has a lilac underskirt to kick out the main skirt of the costume, a pink top skirt with bands and sections of cloth attached and a lace up jacket with flowers embroidered on the top and down the front panel of the skirt. The dress was custom made for the production and therefore has no size marked, labelled inside the top as ‘Double’.

The Secret of Moonacre Blue dress

I was lucky enough to get the blue dress from The Secret of Moonacre.  Actually there are at least two of them, likely more. Propstore has a double to the hero costume, and one marked stunt. I have the double.  More pics here: http://costumersguide.com/moonacre4.shtml

Here is propstore.com's description:

An ornate light blue patterned dress worn by Maria in the 2009 fantasy adventure The Secret of Moonacre. This style of dress can be seen worn by the character when she leaves her home and later in the house owned by the uncle. The blue costume consists of light blue skirt with bands and sections of cloth attached and a lace up jacket, there are flowers embroidered on the top and down the front panel of the skirt. The dress was custom made for the production and therefore has no size marked, labelled inside as ‘Csilla’

Victoran Fan

I don't know much about it - and I hope I didn't outbid anyone I know on it!  Madame Kat posted the link on FB, and I ended up bidding on it!

I just got it yesterday and it's really beautiful. I can't believe I only paid $32!

Gutta Percha locket

Thanks to madamekat for pointing me to the ebay auction for this gutta percha locket! It's really pretty. According to the internets, gutta percha "was one of the first plastic materials. It was made from a mixture of resins from Malaysian trees." It was molded and used for various things in Victorian times. I'm not sure when this locket dates from. Mid-1800s?

It's in really good condition and came with an antique silk ribbon and a picture in it!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shoes shoes shoes!

The silk repro 18th century shoes are now on sale! Pre-order is April 1-22nd with a late May delivery.  I really hope we get 100 pairs ordered so that we get shoes!!

More details on Lauren's site:


Link to buy the shoes: