Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Since today is Talk Like a Pirate Day, I thought it would be a good day to post about some pirate costume pieces!

First up is the Pirates of the Caribbean "rum island shift." I made mine almost 10 years ago and I was never super happy with it.  It ended up too low-cut and the fabric wasn't even close to accurate.  I had more accurate linen in the stash, but I never got around to redoing it. Mainly because of all the eyelets. The first time I made this, I had a machine that would do eyelets. My current one does not. 

So I did 90 something eyelets by hand in one weekend. Ouch!

I'm much happier with this version, though I used my old pattern and should really have shifted the shoulder seam to the front, in a more 18th century placement. Also, the first time out, I didn't put a center seam down the front (though I had one down the back).  This time I goofed and should have cut on the fold but I didn't.  It's really hard to see in the few pics of the real one whether there are seams. The front sits more nicely with a seam there. But my guess is there isn't one.  So an improvement over the last version, but not 100% accurate. Oh, and mine probably needs some aging and dirtying. :-)

My friends and I are planning on pirate costumes for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party at Disney coming up in October. Last year we did Star Trek. Riding Space Mountain in a Trek costume? Achievement unlocked!  So this year, it will be riding Pirates of the Caribbean in a PotC costume.

But since the shift doesn't have pockets, I bought some accessories on Etsy that I'm really happy with.  But first, pictures of the shift.

So... accessories!

I need something to hold a wallet, phone, etc.  So I bought this bag on Etsy - how cute is this? Here's the seller:

Then I decided I needed something smaller to go inside the bag.  So then I bought this.  It's seriously adorable.  Here's the listing:

Both bags are really well-made and I love the pirate map theme.  Hope ye will all have a hearty Talk Like a Pirate Day, maties!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Speaking of Star Trek...

Here are some of the pics David took at DragonCon! Thanks, David!

Again Doug's costume I made (actually he's wearing the Anovos undershirt.) and mine is Anovos.

And Doug's photo from the World Record.

Star Trek purse!

I just bought this on Etsy and my only problem with it is that I didn't buy it before DragonCon! Seriously - it is such a cute little bag and I had no pockets when I wore either Star Trek dress and this will be perfect in the future for carrying my phone.  It's really well-made and was only 10 bucks!  Here's the listing in case anyone else wants to contact the seller for one!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Star Trek 2009 - Uhura

I thought I would do an individual post on my "Uhura" costume - in quotes because I don't remotely resemble Zoe Saldana, but because I like her outfit so much, I thought I would do an individual post on it.

Figuring once again that Anovos could do it way better than me, I bought their red NuTrek dress. It's really well made with a fitted inner layer that gives the dress structure. It makes it hard to go over the head a bit, but I like it having support, I think it's more flattering that way. These dresses are sized slightly smaller than the TOS Anovos dresses, as a warning, so check the sizing guide.

Apparently what Uhura wore in the film is most similar to the DKNY Dia boots, but with a side zip, not a back zip. The Rebel has the side zip but the wrong velcro flap. I was able to pick up a pair of the DKNY Dia boots on ebay, so put a watch up if you're looking for them.

See the discussion on boots here: 

And their graphic comparing the boots below:

I also acquired a pair of Uhura's earrings.  From the first movie, she wore Alexis Bittar's lucite "Pod" earrings in red and silver. I have the silver ones.

And a few pics from DragonCon 2013:

IMG_2614 IMG_2621




Amy Farrah Fowler

Costume for sale! Details at bottom of post! Email: padawansguide at gmail dot com

I'm not sure I ever did a post on this costume - we did a Big Bang Theory group at DragonCon in 2012 (actually they did one the previous year or two also) - and it was the first year they had an Amy Farrah Fowler.  This costume was completely put together from purchased things and is not at all screen accurate. It was rather just to evoke Amy's, er, fashion sense.  T-shirt, button down, striped sweater, long skirt, and of course, tiara.  (The sneakers were just for easy of walking at DragonCon.)

After having no luck at a thrift store, and after having no luck finding a more screen accurate sweater, I just used Amazon prime to buy the sweater, barrette, and button down, and I think the skirt came from Old Navy. The glasses (reading glasses) also came from Amazon - I need to figure a way to remove the lenses (and I know for a fact they do this on BBT for real, Leonard's glasses do not have glass in them) but the frames are rather delicate and I don't want to break them.

This was the general look I was going for but I couldn't find a tan/navy cardigan:




I love some of these pics!

We reenacted the tiara scene:

Costume for sale!

Amy Farrah Fowler costume for sale!  $75 plus S&H

Old Navy Jeans Skirt, size 14, 20" long in front. retail $28

Tommy Hillfiger cardigan, size L - retail $44

Izod Button-down 3/4 sleeve plaid shirt, size XL - retail $25

glasses - retail $8

hair barrettes