Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pepper Costumes

It's always fun to see the Sgt Pepper costumes Jess, Janine, and I made for The Return.

Adam just tweeted this pic:

Janine and I finally got to see the suits in action recently, when The Return played locally.

After the show I was finally able to fix the medals on Richard's John costume - they were sewn on the wrong stripe. Probably because we had had to rush getting these costumes done and it was probably 4am when they were sewn on! It always bothered me, though no one else had any idea they were wrong. But I knew! So, fixed. :-)



1790s gown

I have an other Regency event coming up in July, and I have the perfect thing to sew for it!

The moment I saw this fashion plate, I knew I had the perfect fabric for it - but I didn't have enough.  It was a 2 yd piece of gorgeous blue dupioni (yeah, I know, not period) from Joann Fabric that matched this perfectly.  I gave up on the idea because I couldn't find more of the fabric, until a friend let me know that there was a Joann that did have lots of colors of silk.  I checked it out and found the color I wanted! And they let me use a coupon on it - so I guess this dress is a go!

Of course the new silk doesn't quite match the old, it's a little greener. But it's close, and I think it will make a great version of this plate!

I don't know what the front looks like, but I'm going to use this 1795-1800 gown from the KCI collection.

Sheer Drawstring Regency Gown

I now have a few pics of my new Regency gown. I was pretty happy with it on the whole. It was comfortable to wear.  I don't know why the front seam came out uneven.  I think I'll just put a sash over it and no one will be the wiser. It'd be too much of a hassle to fix. :-)

I also need to redo my bodiced petticoat underneath. I threw something together for the party and it has to be redone.  I need to make it higher in the back too. :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Victorian Picnic

I had a lovely time seeing friends at Kat's Victorian picnic (it included Regency and I believe Edwardian fashion as well). I wore my new white regency gown! I'm second from the right with the hat and pink parasol.

Here are a few photos - first a group pic:

Dress U

Some of you may have heard about Costume College, a great Con on the west coast where you can learn about different topics in costuming from experienced costumers - and also wear your own pretty costumes and meet like-minded people. We are organizing a similar costume conference on the East Coast, called "Dress U". The lovely Victoria has done a great deal of work, and it's really happening! She found a fantasic hotel in Philly that looks like they are excited to have us there. The conference will be June 1-4, 2012. All costumers are welcome (though PG rated costumes are requested).

You can find out more info and register via the website:

and you can find Dress U on Facebook:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forever 21

Some new earrings and a necklace from Forever 21 - they were on sale and cheap too!


My mom gave me these - not sure when they date too.  They are tiny! I added some links to one end to make it longer, without damaging it.  They give me a few more necklaces to wear with my gowns!