Sunday, June 19, 2011

1790s gown

I have an other Regency event coming up in July, and I have the perfect thing to sew for it!

The moment I saw this fashion plate, I knew I had the perfect fabric for it - but I didn't have enough.  It was a 2 yd piece of gorgeous blue dupioni (yeah, I know, not period) from Joann Fabric that matched this perfectly.  I gave up on the idea because I couldn't find more of the fabric, until a friend let me know that there was a Joann that did have lots of colors of silk.  I checked it out and found the color I wanted! And they let me use a coupon on it - so I guess this dress is a go!

Of course the new silk doesn't quite match the old, it's a little greener. But it's close, and I think it will make a great version of this plate!

I don't know what the front looks like, but I'm going to use this 1795-1800 gown from the KCI collection.

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