Monday, November 21, 2011

American Duchess leather shoes

I tried my hand at painting up some American Duchess leather shoes.  I used Lauren's directions here:

Despite using the leather preparer, the crimson leather paint went on really streaky. I'm not 100% happy but it's better after many many coats.  They look ok in pics - and I think they'll work! 


  1. Hi Maggie - what kind of leather paint did you use? I found that thinner, slightly diluted coats did the job best. If you want to remove this paint and try it again, you can use the leather preparer to wipe it off. I don't know if it'll remove all of it, but it'll thin it out and you can repaint/glaze.

  2. Hi Lauren - I used the angelus ones from Dharma. I will have to try diluting it next time! I think I'm just going to leave the shoes for now - I think I'll do them more harm than good! I don't think the streakiness is too bad unless you look closely! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi Maggie! I know this is an old post (and I've seen these shoes in person since this post!) but I'm planing on painting my Mom's shoes. How many ounces of paint did you end up using for your shoes? Thanks!

    1. I think I got the small bottle and didn't use the whole thing...