Friday, March 2, 2012

Shakespeare in Love and other things...

I thought I would also repost my exhibit pictures from Disney's MGM (as it was then). On the line for the Great Movie Ride, there are costumes  on display.  I got wind that one of Viola's Shakespeare in Love gowns was there and I HAD to see it! It's not there anymore, sadly. But I'm glad I got the pics I did!  They also had a bunch of other costumes there (like Barbossa, the Lion/White Witch, and Narnia kids), as well as in the Backlot tour area.

Here goes:




  1. The shakespears in love gown is amazing! What a nice exhibition!

  2. And again thanks for your pictures. Violas Gown is gorgeous.
    I'm so sad, that at the "Hollywood Costume" Exhibition photographs aren't allowed. So I will not be able to give back some pictures to you in December.

  3. Glad you enjoyed! Oh, that's too bad about the Hollywood Costume exhibi. :-(

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