Monday, April 16, 2012

A neat ebay find

I keep an eye on Victorian name brooches, especially my own name. The round, silver pins from the 1880s can run $75 and up to almost double that.

When this item popped up with a Buy It Now of $27 bucks and change, I grabbed it! Ok, it's not my name. And ok, this name has kind of been tainted by Twilight. (Though it seems to have been really popular in the 1880s.) Not only did the auction come with the pin, but with this interesting looking antique wax seal. It's amethyst with a fox or a horse or something, and a silver head with a loop. The base is crystal of some sort. It has a few chips. So it's not in perfect condition. But I thought it was pretty cool. I did a cursory google search and haven't found anything like it. Anyone out there have any idea?

(ebay pics)


  1. OH. MY. GOD. FOX. I love it, and am lusting after it. and trying not to cry : p.

  2. it could be a wax fob, usually attached by chain to a gentleman's pocket watch. it seams to be retrofitted to a handle. lovely find!