Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vintage and antique clothes!

When I visited my parents last weekend, we went to one of my favorite antique stores.  I ended up leaving with a whole slew of vintage and antique garments for a really good price!

I took some pics - just laying the garments flat out.  I'll break up the images into a few posts probably too.

First up, this white dress, circa 1915. I paid about $26 for it - it's in really good condition.

Next up is this vintage crinoline which I'm hoping I can use if I make some vintage style dresses! I may have to shorten it form the waist though. It was $8.

I got a Fashion Bazar magazine from January 1890 for $5.

Some vintage buckles:

And two vintage hair sticks.

The dealer thought this one was 20s or 30s.

And another vintage hair ornament:

More to come!

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