Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dress U, part 1

I had a fabulous time at Dress U - but things have been so crazy since then I haven't really had time to post about it. I guess that's what happens when you take 3 trips in a row! First, I can't believe it actually happened! I'm so impressed (and grateful to) Victoria for organizing it. She really followed through with our Costume Con scheming and I think she did an amazing job. We had about 80 people show up and for a first time Con, that's pretty awesome. All the events were super fun, the hotel was pretty comfy and there were lots of restaurants near it. I know it wasn't super convenient for people flying in, which was one downside. Also there were way too many "muggles" staying at the hotel. And with so few of us, it was a little weird wandering around in costume. I had some old guy say that I'd better hurry or I'd miss my steamboat. o_O And then they wondered why I didn't want to hold the elevator for them. The best part of course was hanging out with friends and meeting some great new people! So, thank you again, Victoria! And hopefully we will do this again next year! Without further ado, here are a few pics from the weekend. All the pics are here:
Carly had this amazing idea to get hi-res pics of flat fans printed on spoonflower on silk on fat quarters and then make them into fans! (I want your spoonflower link!)

  IMG_0670 IMG_0672
I don't have great pics, but this is the outfit I wore Friday night - it's actually regency (though there was no way to keep that belt up) but it also looks Titanic era. I'll probably make a wide sash and reuse it should I need another Titanic dress!
 7345263788_7801f534c8_b IMG_0682 IMG_0660 IMG_0683  IMG_0686
I loved this spencer!
 IMG_0689 IMG_0691
This flapper outfit was so pretty!
This is one of my fav costumes's of Amanda's!
 Snow White:
I so want Leia's zone front! Love it!
 IMG_0698 IMG_0699
Saturday was my white regency plus my spencer, a combo I hadn't worn together yet. Plus the hat I bought from Jenny-Rose, which will henceforth be called my "steamboat" hat! :-/
 7345271952_4ff9b7202d_b 7338837724_f3e42fd79f_b  IMG_0713
I loved Stephanie's mom's table! Plus she posted my mom's art! (Since she was selling hand-made books like the one my mom has done her paintings in.)
 IMG_0717 IMG_0718  IMG_0719
 I went to Jenny-Rose's awesome fitting class in which I felt like I picked up a bunch of new tricks.
 I'm so glad Loren made the trip out!
How adorable is Leia in this 20s outfit?
Love this floofy pink dress!
So pretty! It made me want a similar outfit!

Julia had amazing costumes all weekend long! I wish I'd had more time to browse at her table!


What's not to like about a costume talk that starts out like this:

That David Bailey shoot of John and Paul is my favorite ever. Beatles and Colleen Atwood - they had my number! (I enjoyed the panel, it was really fun!) I was pretty happy with my Titanic hair. I had to wear my comb even though it's not screen accurate to this outfit:
Isabella made a great ghost:
 IMG_0735 IMG_0746

My hand-beaded outfit, made over a few months (or more) of 2006.

Taylor's elegant train:
 IMG_0749   IMG_0753

Sadly I didn't get any pics of Gloria's outfit because I was taking pics with her camera and missed it!


In the next post, we'll pick it up back up with the Titanic dinner.


  1. great you got a pic of me in my mantilla outfit, i forgot to take one myself that day! also some muggle on the elevator said congratulations to me because he thought i was a bride!

    1. Please feel free to grab it! I loved the coral tiara you made, so creative! Oh, muggles....

  2. I enjoyed your regency outfit. I noticed it at the Meet and Greet! :) Wasn't Dress U so fun? I look forward to Dress U 2013!

    1. Thanks so much! It was really fun and I do hope we do it again!