Saturday, January 5, 2013

Georgian Rolled Gold Long Drop Pendant with Star c1830

I got this on ebay from Mary Fine on ebay for what I think was a good price! The pics and description are hers!  It may have been an earring, but I thought it might make cool pendant if I did 1830s again.

A long drop pendant with a textured background is set with a stem which has stars as blooms. It is made in rolled gold, which is like gold casing with a thick layer of gold over metal. It was most likely originally one earring. This is taken in to consideration in the asking price. Of English origin, please see below for further details. The design and craftsmanship date this pendant to the Georgian period, circa 1830. The pendant is 59mm long by 9mm at its widest diameter or 2 3/8 inches by 3/8 inch, not including the loop. Weight is 4.1g or 0.14oz. Tests as a thick layer of 9 carat gold over metal. A rolled gold, or gold cased long drop pendant dating to the Georgian, circa 1830. 


  1. What a lovely pendant! I love the texture on it, and the leaves and stars! The style is so clearly old fashioned, you don't see anything like that nowadays! It is so charming!