Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ball-jointed sized 18th century muff

After making an 18th century muff for myself, my mom suggested I try making a doll-sized one.  So that's what I did today - I already had some smaller silk printed portraits from spoonflower (I got them when I got the bigger ones, to play with using them for pins.) and I still had just enough tiny sequins left. The green ribbon is vintage (which actually ended up being a problem because it broke when tried to use it as a drawstring. So I had to redo it more carefully.

Here's the result.  The first picture shows the tiny muff next to my big one and the second shows it being held by one of my ball-jointed dolls:


  1. Aww, that is soo cute! Love the print <3

  2. So cuuuute! I love it {♥‿♥}

  3. I've been making and selling 18th century clothes for BJD's. No muffs so far, but it's a possibility. Lovely work on the muff, and her chemise a la reine is sweet too!

    1. You should make them - they are pretty easy to do! And thank you, a friend made the chemise gown for me. :-) Do you have pics of what you've made for your ball-jointed dolls? I'd love to see them!