Friday, June 7, 2013

Dress U - Saturday Night

After dinner at Wegman's Doug, Isabella, and Gloria and I stopped at a cupcake store, because cupakes.  They had mini ones that were yummy!

Them we got dressed and took some pictures together

 Then everyone gathered for the big Court Dinner - everyone looked seriously amazing!

Linda, who is an amazing professional quilter, appliqued  all the decoration on her gown!


Jess did a turque based on those gorgeous Russian portraits!

Curtain-along fabric! There were many of us who wore our curtain dresses this weekend and all of them were different from each other!

Kat makes her entrance! She looks gorgeous!

This vintage gown was gorgeous!

More fabulous costumes!

All the "Josephines"!

This awesome Japanese costume was our earliest court costume, dating to the Han dynasty (800-1000 CE). 

Mother and daughter!

Glynnis had awesome poses!

There were too many of us for me to get everyone in the shoe-shot!

Judy and Bunny realize they have the same dress fabric! ;-)

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  1. Everyone looks so fantastic! I wish I could have gone, but alas I had just moved and therefore had no time or money to make any of the costumes I imagined wearing... Maybe next year!