Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 Costume Year in Review

I'm super late on this. (I DO WHAT I WANT!) I just have had no time. But I haven't really sewed anything for 2014 yet, so we'll count this as part of sewing year 2013.

Here's what I said I wanted to do this year.

1) Secret project will be first - I don't want to post til it's done, but I'm really excited about it!


Using fabric from spoonflower, I made the strawberry gown from Marie Antoinette in time to wear at Dress U!


2) A redingote of some sort. I have red wool set aside for this


3) I really want to do Elizabeth Monroe's pink gown, but I haven't found the right fabric yet.

Nope! Still haven't found the right fabric!

4) I have fabric for this costume from Mirror, Mirror, but I think I've been putting it off because the bodice is kind of corset-like and that is not my favorite thing to make.

Nope! And I ended up using the pink fabric I had for the corset for my francaise gown.

5) I have striped fabric that would be perfect for this 1790s, so I'd like to do something like these.


6) I adore both of these, but I really want to do the cream and pink sacque. I have the cream silk taffeta for it. This was going to be for the Francaise dinner, but since I can't go now, I think it'll be for the Dress U Court Gown event.

Done! I did do this!

7) I really want to finish this Sleepy Hollow windmill costume.

Sigh. Nope! Dammit, this year!

More below the cut:

8) I have a fabric source for this and I think it would be fun to do!

Nope - wasn't ready to spend the money on it.

9) Oswin from Doctor Who.  I have the sneakers and a few other pieces. I'd have to make the dress since it was custom, not something they bought.

I did make the dress, but I'm not super happy with the sleeves being a little too short and I'm not sure I have it in me to do all the hardware on the belt. So this is on hold.

10) The aqua and white striped gown. I love this!

Nope! Though I made spoonflower fabric. Just haven't bought it.

11) The PotC "peach" dress. I have the fabric for the over dress!


12) Sleepy Hollow riding outfit - I have a source for the underfabric (spoonflower) and I have the abalone buttons, but absolutely nothing else. Still, I love this one!


13) Maybe I'll also add a new regency gown in here somewhere.

That, I did do. A lot of them.

Ok, so what did I actually do this year besides the francaise, Oswin, and MA strawberry gown mentioned above?

-18th century muff and 2 covers

(I ended up replacing the actual muff, which wasn't great, with an awesome feather one Stephanie made.)

-2 doll sized muffs and covers

- blue 18th century petticoat

no pics, nothing fancy, just an unfinished object!

-Hawaiian shirt

I made a Hawaiian shirt for Doug out of this adorable Tiki fabric Aimee made for Spoonflower.

- regency drop front gown

I made my first Drop Front style gown, but I'm not sure I liked it as much on? I need to wear it for an event and see how it looks in pictures.

- PotC rum island shift (redo)

I (at long last) redid my Pirates of the Caribbean Run Island shift with the more screen accurate fabric. It's not as 100% screen accurate as I would have liked, but I'm pretty happy with it.

- blue regency gown
- Amber's regency gown
- Mom's regency gown

I made 3 regency gowns for the Pumpkin tea this year, one for me, one for my friend Amber, and one for my Mom. I'm happy with how they turned out!

- red spencer

And I made a new spencer for Christmas!

There are more pics of all these costumes linked from my site:

I also altered a few of my 18th century gowns, and I put together a Star Trek outfit (with bought pieces) which was worn at DragonCon and at Halloween, and a 20s outfit for two different parties (also with bought pieces).



We also upgraded some pieces for Doug's Uncharted Drake costume, and I put together an original series Trek costume for Doug (with bought pieces), see above.

And I did a bunch of research (triggered by a connection Katherine helped make by taking a picture at Huntington Gardens) and was able to find out the identity of Mrs. Russell:

Now, what do I want to sew in 2014?

I did a decent job last year of working from my stash (or from Loren's former stash) - the regency gowns, all four of them, were from the stash. As was the Rum Island shift. I want to continue to try and use fabric I already have.

1) I'm going to finish that Sleepy Hollow Windmill gown

2) A 1790s gown for the Birthnight Ball

3) Maybe a new francaise if I have time, if not I'll rewear an old one to the Francaise dinner.

4) A regency ball gown out of the pale blue striped silk I got from Taylor for March

5) An orange drawstring (I DO WHAT I WANT!) gown out of the orange sari for March

6) The green anglaise worn by Mrs. Russell.

7) I want to make some 20s gowns.

8) Maybe I'll make an Edwardian gown.

9) Some 18th century jackets

Finish refitting some of my 18th century gowns, and generally improving my current wardrobe so it fits better.

And we'll see where else the year takes me!


  1. I love the dresses you made!

    I really want that Sleepy Hollow riding dress! Been wanting it since I first saw the movie but my skills are nowhere near that good yet!

    Good luck with achieving your goals!

    1. Thank you! I know, I want it too! I need more hours in the day. And courage, I need that too!

  2. Ha!!! I loved all of you "nope"s!! You sound very much like myself! You did however make so many beautiful outfits!! I especially like the one that has peacock feathers on it!! Loooove it!! And the cream and pink sacque!! That one is divine!!! Can't wait to see what you accomplish this coming year!


  3. everything you made last year was so nice. I really love the Marie Antoinette strawberry dress.
    your projects for this year sound exciting. I love the idea of an orange drawstring dress. orange is awesome after all.