Thursday, June 26, 2014

Downton Abbey Exhibit

So, I took a lot of photos, too many to link individually. But I've uploaded them to my Costumer's Guide Image Gallery, which I finally found a plugin that makes the thumbnails look way nicer! Woohoo! You can find all the photos here:

The exhibit is at Winterthur, a gorgeous mansion in Delaware with beautiful grounds. The exhibit was FABULOUS. It runs through January and you can take all the pics you like. The layout of the exhibit is really great and the views of the costumes are perfect. GO SEE IT!

My fav was Sibyl's harem pants. I was never in love with this outfit on the show, but it's so gorgeous and floaty and different and I love the color scheme.



I also really liked Sibyl and Mary's outfits here. The subtle pattern and wrap front on Sibyl's was really pretty. And I've always liked Mary's striped gown. We may do a stripe-along, like the curtain along. I got lots of detail shots of both.



Mary's walking suit - also gorgeously tailored:

And Edith's wedding gown - to die for!

Rose's flapper gown - so pretty. And real vintage: