Sunday, February 15, 2015

Regency wig

I bought a wig ages ago after reading this blog from Bohemian Belle intending to try to style a wig with her directions.  That was ages ago. But I had a regency ball last night so I decided I needed to style it so I could do something with my hair.   Julia's directions were really good.  I definitely needed a heat protective glove, which fortunately we had.  She's very right about needing to gently pull the curl intact off the curler until it cools.  If you just let it go, it'll fall out, but when I waited for it to cool, it stayed perfectly curled.  I was really happy with how my wig turned out. 

One thing I did do was turn the lace-front under since I didn't want it.

Here's Julia's blog:

This is the wig she used. I think I bought medium brown.

Here are some pictures of my wig after styling:

I ended up wearing it as a half-wig just because with my amount of hair, the wig didn't fit really completely. Or maybe I just have a big head.  But I kind of like wearing wigs this way - it allows your hair to blend. And I think it ended up looking good. The curls didn't budge the whole night. Here's a photo of it on.


  1. Okay...I didn't even realize you were wearing a wig in those photos. It looks perfect!!

  2. The advantage of wearing it as a half wig! Thank you!