Sunday, September 25, 2016


AwesomeCon was a Con I have meant to attend multiple times. Last year health issues kept me away. This year I had organized a science panel for work, so dammit, I was going! The plan was Saturday afternoon panel, and then dinner with Mike and Gloria - and then Sunday we were going to meet up with them again, but this time Gloria and I were going to wear our matching A League of Their Own uniforms we made last year, but then I didn’t get to wear. This year went according to plan.

Here’s a few shots of me and Gloria. I have cleats, but I wasn’t going to walk around in those at a Con, so Chucks it was.






Mystery boxes! I liked the Portal cubes.


This was someone I had shared Holly’s Bespin pattern with! She painted hers!



A Chris Pratt and dino. After posing, “Chris Pratt” picked up dino’s tail, and handed it to her, and she minced away after him. It was so comical. That suit must have been so hard to walk in!


I don’t know what video game (?) these were from, but they were SO impressive.   Thanks to Ranzetta for letting me know they are from Warhammer 40 000. They were amazing costumes, and even more impressive in motion.




  1. The big armoured giants are from a tabletop miniature game called Warhammer 40 000. It's an IP that has existed for very long and has been used for dozens and dozens of novels and comic books, numerous tabletop roleplaying games and half a dozen videogames. It's an incredibly rich setting that has been mined by cosplayers and costumers alike over and over again through the years. The company has a huge range and also has an equivalent fantasy setting, and their own chain of stores. You can get an idea here: These Space Marines are specifically of the Space Wolves and Crimson Fist chapters respectively.

    I hope this was helpful to you and keep up the good work on a great blog! :)