Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Secret of Moonacre Red Velvet dress

I have one more Secret of Moonacre costume - a red velvet dress. There are two versions of this costume - one is with pearls on it, from the end of the movie. The one with the pearls is mine! I don't know whether it is a hero costume, or a double. The lower sleeves are just barely basted on - and so tiny I'd have to dislocate my thumb to get my hand in the sleeve!  It's really pretty though. My friend owns the dress on Natasha McElhone.

I haven't had the time to take my own pictures, so I'll use Propstore's for now.  I'll have to put it on my list of things to do to take pics.

More pics and info here:


  1. Hey, I love all your costumes from Moonacre.... I can't believe you have so many! I'm still in love with the cream Loveday costume - at one point I bought 9 yards of silk to make it... then I panicked and took the silk back because it was sososo much money and my plan to paint the pattern on it was too scary to fathom on that expensive a fabric... This is completely unimportant, but it's Natascha McElhone, rather than Natasha Richardson....

  2. Thanks, Sam! I can't believe I splurged on them! That cream Loveday costume is so pretty - hopefully one day you can make it! :-) And thanks, I'll fix it!

  3. Hey Maggie, I was just wondering where I could buy (or hire) a costume similar to this? I love the film, especially the dresses she wears, and I'd love to wear something of a similar style to my school prom. Please let me know!

  4. hey what Samantha says i want that dress to there are so beautiful :)