Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Secret of Moonacre Pink dress

I was also able to buy the pink dress from The Secret of Moonacre. Mine is a double to the hero costume, however, my skirt was actually marked Dakota.  More pics and info here:

Here is the description:

An ornate pink patterned dress worn by Maria (Dakota Blue Richards) in the 2009 fantasy adventure The Secret of Moonacre. This dress can be seen worn by the young star when she first moves in with her Uncle (Ioan Gruffudd) and she tries to find the unusual book. The pink dress has a lilac underskirt to kick out the main skirt of the costume, a pink top skirt with bands and sections of cloth attached and a lace up jacket with flowers embroidered on the top and down the front panel of the skirt. The dress was custom made for the production and therefore has no size marked, labelled inside the top as ‘Double’.

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  1. Thank you for posting these photos. You are so lucky to have so many gowns from Moonacre! I love the way they did the bustles for these gowns.