Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aqua 1790s gown - almost done!

I recently posted about this 1790s fashion plate that I fell in love with and two other inspiration images of a KCI collection gown:

Well, my dress is finished - except for the trim.  I had a lot of trouble finding trim I liked, or that I had enough of.  I've since ordered some stuff that I think will work, but I'm not sure whether it will come in time for the party I'm intending on wearing this too.  I may baste some temp trim on, or just wait.

So, the finished gown doesn't look totally like the fashion plate yet!

Here's the fashion plate again:

And my gown! I modified the Sensibility pattern I used for my last regency dress, just making the bodice longer. The pattern came with a wrap front, which I modified slightly. I did use the under layer so that the pleats would work and the bodice would be fitted.

The flash is really bringing out the wrinkles in the bodice, and not in a good way.  It's supposed to be fuller and with pleats, but it just looks wrinkly here. Oh well.

And the other inspiration images for the front again: