Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie Costume Wish List

Every now and again I like to make a list of all the stuff I'd love to have/make.  It doesn't mean it will happen, but it's nice to sometimes re-evaluate and decide if your tastes have changed, and to focus on the things you'd like to work on.

Without further ado, here is my sort of fantasy wish-list for movie costumes:

Harry Potter Grey Lady.  The problem is, I don't know how on earth to choose fabrics for this. There's only this pic and a few screenshots. And then the Grey Lady in the last HP movie was totally different.  I've seen some of the other ghost costumes exhibit, but not this one. :-(

Alice - lots of embroidery and I'm not a blonde in any way, so I'd be brunette Alice! :-)

The Aqua gown in the background. So pretty. I haven't seen similar fabric though.

I have the fabric! I just have to be brave about cutting it and try and see what the back looks like.

Love the color and the cut. From Perfume.

Haven't found the right fabric, but I really want to do this one.

One of my favorite Viola costumes from Shakespeare in Love and probably one of the easier ones to make. Not sure I will every find the right fabrics and trims though. Plus, velvet. :-/

Dracula - so many pleats and ruffles. Maybe someday.

I'll always love this Elizabeth costume. Maybe someday.

Catching Titanic on TV rekindled my desire to MAKE ALL THE COSTUMES! But that's a little crazy. I still want this one.

And this one.

I have the fabric for the bodice, I just have to figure out the pattern for the back with that peplum.  I have the skirt done.  This one will definitely get made one day!

I also love this riding gown, but fabrics are going to be an issue.  Love it though.

Idris from Doctor Who - working on collecting fabrics, but I feel intimidated somehow. Lots of dyeing and aging.


  1. I sense a theme. A Maggie-lurves-cutaway-anglais-and-things-that-look-similar theme. =)

    Me too!

  2. I have several of those on my list as well. And I'm currently working on an as-close-as-humanly-possible recreation of Idris. Finding fabric that is right is nearly impossible!

  3. Yeah, the fabrics on that one are really tough.

  4. i can see a few of these require lace. lace is easy to find. On the doctor who one I notice the spider web pattern of lace.

  5. Oooh cool! I have a few of those on my list as well, especially the blue/red MA dress. I'm not super happy with my version of the Grey Lady, but I'd like to get some better pictures of it and photoshop them to see if I can make it look like I'm a ghost! :) And I'd never thought about the Shakespeare costumes but I love that one!

  6. Glad I'm not the only one ticked they didn't use the first movie costume for the Gray Lady :p I so want that one...

  7. Ooh, these are all so pretty! I want to make a movie costume wishlist now!

  8. @Vera - I know, I was so bummed! It's hard with only that one shot of the costume!

    @Sari - Do it!!

  9. Hehe, your list resembles mine! I love the original version of the Gray Lady, I just wish there were more references. :-/ And the Dracula gown! Someday, someday.

  10. @Biana - yay! Yeah, I really do wish there were more images of it! And yes, someday!

  11. There actually is a real non-screen color photograph of Lady Grey's dress that is featured on Harry Potter artbook. Different quality photos are available with just simple google image search, but here is a link to one of the pages that has the scan as an example: .

  12. Jaana, thank you so much! I've never seen that picture before and didn't know it existed! Brilliant!

  13. The first dress looks so wonderful:)