Thursday, October 20, 2011

18th century jacket

I've been working on and off on this little 18th century jacket from the JP Ryan pattern I used for my Rococo Pirate costume. The fabric came from Bauhausfrau and is a really pretty pale Indienne print. I wanted to do something different with the stomacher and it so happened that Sarahlizzi had sent me some teal and pale pink silk ribbon as a gift. I didn't have enough to use only one color or the other, but both matched. And then I remembered this American Duchess jacket that I really liked.

So I decided to try it out. The bows are only pinned on right now. I may still add some trim around the neckline. And I have to finish the sleeves. But other than that it's done. I love this pattern - it's so easy!

Here are some progress pics! Sorry, it's a little wrinkly on the dress form too.

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