Monday, August 27, 2012

1870s pendant

This is another piece of jewelry from Mary E Fine in the UK that I got a while ago.  Someone else actually bought it and then returned it because it was "too bright" - and she sent me a second chance offer.  I really love it.  I did a little research and I'm fairly sure it must be a natural ruby because created rubies weren't common until later, after 1918.

Here's the ebay description and images:

Victorian 9 Ct Gold 2 Carat Ruby Small Pendant or Charm c1870
A beautiful rich pink ruby has a border of pearls to create this small pendant or charm. It is set in 9 carat yellow gold. The ruby is around 2 carats and is closed back set. Please see below for further details. It appears to have come from a larger piece. The design and craftsmanship date this small pendant or charm to the Victorian period, circa 1870. The pendant or charm is 14mm by 14mm or just under 5/8 inch not including the loop. The ruby is 8mm by 8mm, around 2 carats and tests as ruby. Weight is 1.9g or 0.07oz. Unmarked, tests as 9 carat gold. In very good condition. To the reverse there are two indentations indicating that this piece most likely came from a larger piece. Will be sent with a new quality presentation case.

I'm not sure what it came off of, but it makes a lovely pendant!  It's larger than life in the pics, it's only 8mm tall.


  1. I never knew there were pink rubies. I knew about pink sapphires. Great deal! It's beautiful. I'm looking for a pink tourmaline right now and hubby has his jeweler friend looking for one for me.

    1. Rubies actually come in many colors. And are related to sapphires as they are both corundum. :-) Tourmaline is so pretty too.