Friday, December 14, 2012

Antique button hook and awl

I found these on etsy, from the same seller. They were each under $15, and I thought they were really neat.

About the awl, the seller says: "Lovely old silver handled awl with embossed decorative handle.
The awl would have been part of a sewing set, probably late Victorian or possibly Edwardian, used for making holes in embroidery or tatting. The handle has a set of English hallmarks: the anchor showing it was made in Birmingham, and the lion showing it was made of silver, but the date letter is unclear. Ornate and very pretty scrolly pattern is embossed. The handle fits a plain steel awl, with a fairly blunt rather than sharp point. . Size 4" (11 cm) long from top to bottom...."

And about the button hook: "Lovely Victorian child's button hook with carved mother of pearl handle. The tool is just 3" (7.5 cm) long, about half which is the metal hook, and half is the elaborately carved handle. The join is covered by a tiny decorative metal band. The button hook was used for pulling tiny boot buttons through small holes. They were often part of sewing sets. This one is so small it was probably a child's, or part of a small travelling set."

I really love both pieces!


  1. How gorgeous! I need to remember to keep an eye out for these, in case I manage to save enough money for those boots from American Duchess!

    1. There are a ton of reasonable priced button hooks on both ebay and etsy!

      And thanks!