Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amy Pond

I haven't really tried to cosplay Amy Pond, mostly because I'm not tall or a redhead.  But I like some of her clothes and I've acquired a few pieces. And I'm on the hunt for a few more.

Here's her Night Terrors outfit, which I've always liked:

I have the Noa Noa West End Wool Dress (Mist Melange), a tank (not screen accurate, this one in Loganberry) to go under it,  and the Dr Martens Triumph 1914 Boots (Black), though I need to change from the ribbon to regular laces. Folks on the DW LJ comm did note that she  definitely uses the regular laces, and tucks them behind the tongue of her boots. I still need the Noa Noa Basic Vera Scarf in Rug, and grey Oasis Biker Jacket. And purple tights (Noa Noa Basic Tights in Persia.), though I think the screen accurate tights are definitely long gone.

Amy Pond Series 6 breakdown is here: http://dw-cosplay.livejournal.com/1496255.html

I also have the  American Apparel Dolman Sleeve Hoodie (Red) from The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.  I need to find an appropriate skirt and grey tights and Chucks.

Amy's Dinosaurs on a Spaceship sweater appealed to me and I snapped it up right away, though I have no real intention of completing the outfit (which is just jeans and brogue shoes).  The sweater is a Reiss Chloe Stripe jumper in Ultra Marine.  I really love it - it's one of my favorite sweaters.

I would really love to find this Whistles Pineapple dress - and I'm toying with trying to make my own fabric. That's pretty low on the list though.

Amy Pond series 7 breakdown: http://dw-cosplay.livejournal.com/1440017.html


  1. Love Pond's clothes! To be fair I haven't been watching the show all that long to really get to know all the previous companions' wardrobes...but as of now Amy's style is really one of my favorites.

    1. I like her style too! And I'm digging Clara's as well. Rose is probably my fav companion though - and Martha and Donna are wonderful as well. You should definitely watch the older seasons! :-)