Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Cool - two people awarded me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!
 According to the rules of this meme, you should:

1. Display the award and link back to the person who nominated you.
2. State 7 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.
4. Notify the winners.

1) Thank you so much to Chelsea from http://asartorialstatement.blogspot.com/ and Loren from http://costumerscloset.blogspot.com/! Here's the award - yay!

2) Seven Facts About Myself...

- I'm in a rock band - in fact we just came out with our first album of original music! We're trying to spread the word, so please feel free to do so! :-)  You can check us out here: http://naked-singularity.com/

- I also write, and I wrote a short story that will be in an upcoming anthology. It's of geek interest, so I'll probably pimp that here when the time comes too!

- I love The Simpsons (at least "classic" Simpsons) and I've recently become obsessed with the Tapped Out iPhone game. It's a guilty pleasure.

- I've been watching Magnum, PI on Netflix and really enjoying it.  The short-shorts, high-waisted pants, and barely buttoned shirts are highly amusing. 

- This is no secret, but I LOVE the Beatles.

- I'm terribly excited about the new season of Mad Men, which starts SOON!

- I'm a breast cancer survivor.  Not something I told a ton of people about when I was going through it a year and a half ago, but since I'll have to worry about it the rest of my life (such is the fun of any cancer), I figure I might as well own it now. :-) Seriously, though, I'm fine. I was lucky and it was caught early, and though it was not in my plans, I am very grateful it wasn't worse.

3) Inspiring Bloggers

- Before the Automobile - Talented, beautiful, and one of the sweetest people I've met!

- The Fashionable Past - One of my oldest costuming friends, and I am absolutely inspired by her work. Her tutorials have been invaluable to me as well.

- Rebel's Haven - Impeccable work, she always looks amazing in her costumes, and she is a great resource!

- Diary of a Mantua Maker - I admired her work online long before I met her!  Everything she makes is amazing (I want one of each!), plus she makes her own shoes.

- Seamstress of Avalon - Talented costumer, talented writer, and someone I hope to meet in person one day soon.

- Festive Attyre - Another costumer I admired long before I had the pleasure of meeting her.  Gorgeous costumes, beautiful photography, and someone I like very much as well.

- The Costumer's Closet - Ok, she nominated me, so I don't expect her to do this again, but she's an amazing friend and costumer - and I owe a bunch of my costumes to finds from her stash!

- Madame Modiste - Another one of my favorite people - I love how she brings her personal aesthetic to her costumes. 

- It's Always Someone's Birthday - A non-costuming friend. I'm really proud of how she turned the idea of a blog about her passion (baking!) into a reality. And her cakes are both beautiful and delicious.

- Jenny LaFleur - She throws amazing parties, and has great taste in costumes.  I reference her tutorials a lot.

- Betsy's Costumery - Another majorly talented friend who makes it look easy.  Her Idris and Effie costumes are flawless.

- Ashlee's Costume Closet - Ashlee has done some amazing work - Dark Lily, Marie Antoinette's Masquerade gown, Pink Diamons, and more.  She has wonderful attention to detail and I love seeing what she'll come up with next.

- A Fractured Fairytale - Great taste and style, and if her costumes would fit me, I'd steal all of them. Also one of the sweetest people I know.

- Ailionora - One of my best friends - a costumer, author, and generally inspiring person.

 - A Dedicated Follower of Fashion - Someone who looks great in every era, and also loves 60s rock. Again, I would steal her costumes if I could! (Especially her pink sacque.)

Whew, ok, that's 15! And only a drop in the bucket of the many many talented costumers I know and/or follow!

I guess all that's left is to...

4) Notify the winners


  1. Magnum PI! Hahaha! I've just been watching some of it, too, on a broadcast station once a week. Fun! I have to say, I enjoy the men's style more than the women's fashions. I get the giggles when they're clearly supposed to be just *gorgeous* in all their HAIR and shoulder pads and long skirts. :p

    1. I'm loving watching Magnum! The early 80s style is so 1970s still!

  2. <3

    Thank you! I think you're very inspiring too! And I'd steal all your costumes if I could!

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  4. Hi Maggie! I was super inspired by your beautiful Bespin Leia costume and want to make my own to wear to Dragon*Con this year. Is there a good way to contact you for advice? I specifically was wondering if you still had the pattern for the cloak! Thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks! You can email me at padawansguide at gmail dot com. Sorry this comment got caught in the moderation cue.

      If you mean the embroidery pattern I can help you out.