Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Costume accessories and vintage jewelry

It's time for another post of "Look what I got on etsy/ebay" in the last 6 months!

First up - I bought a fan!  I've admired this seller's art for a while - and she had a fan that had a slightly damaged stick, so it was steeply discounted. It was the only way I was going to be able to buy one, so I snapped it up. Seriously, gorgeous work!

I got an invitation to a Gatsby party (and now I'm also going to a second one), so it was time to dip my toe in the '20s.  I've never made anything from the era, and I'm not sure how flattering it is on me, but I splurged on a beaded dress and I'll start with that. Then I got this vintage '20s beaded necklace for a great price on etsy.  It's even prettier in person than in the listing photos.

I was really taken with this gorgeous paste brooch from the 1870s - it even has its original case! I got it from one of my favorite antique jewelry sellers, Mary Fine.

Here is the auction description:

Three tiers of petals create this beautiful flower brooch. The paste stones are original and set in silver. To the reverse the brooch is slightly gilded, this was to prevent any tarnish to protect clothing. There is also a screw fitting so that the brooch can be mounted on a hair pin, if wanted. It is presented with its original fitted box with push button closure.
Of English origin, please see below for further details.
The design, craftsmanship and original box date this flower brooch to the Victorian period, circa 1870.

 And another cut steel and horn little comb, similar to the little arrow/crescent moon one I got a while back. Not sure if this is as old as that one, though it is pretty similar, but I liked the crescent moon theme! I'm guessing maybe 1840s or 50s, though it could be earlier. It came from Ruby Lane. 

 It's not a great photo, but I also got this pretty little fan off ebay a while ago. It's prettier in person and the front/back sticks have an inlay design.


  1. Oh wow. The fan at the top is lovely! Everything is pretty awesome. Nice finds!


  2. You find such lovely things! I particularly like both cut steel and paste - I admit, I'm a bit covetous! :)


    1. Thanks! There is actually quite a bit of Victorian cut steel out there. There's a pretty butterfly on ebay right now too!

  3. Replies
    1. It was a lucky find! :-) Worth having a slightly damaged one just to have some of her work!