Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jane Austen Ball

I went to the Jane Austen ball at Gadsbys Tavern in Alexandria, VA with some friends last night. It was SO fun!  I decided not to make something new, but get another wearing out of my open robe and sari gown, since I really like it but have only worn it once.  I finally did regency hair I'm happy with, but doing pin curls and using rollers, and I also wore my Georgian tiara comb.

Here are some photos!

Gloria's group photo

I did pin curls on the front sides of my hair and put the rest in rollers and then just bobbypinned up the curls.  I took lots of photos because It's the only time I've been happy with my regency hairstyle!

Doug and I at dinner:


Janine, Amber, and I:

Blue Steel:

Another group photo:

There were real musicians at the ball!

And food - this guy was a cute hedgehog:

My accessories - my embroidered bag from Bjarne from Denmark, and a fan from a Swedish artist!

These are Gloria's photos. She got a few of me and Amber dancing!