Monday, September 9, 2013

Amy Farrah Fowler

Costume for sale! Details at bottom of post! Email: padawansguide at gmail dot com

I'm not sure I ever did a post on this costume - we did a Big Bang Theory group at DragonCon in 2012 (actually they did one the previous year or two also) - and it was the first year they had an Amy Farrah Fowler.  This costume was completely put together from purchased things and is not at all screen accurate. It was rather just to evoke Amy's, er, fashion sense.  T-shirt, button down, striped sweater, long skirt, and of course, tiara.  (The sneakers were just for easy of walking at DragonCon.)

After having no luck at a thrift store, and after having no luck finding a more screen accurate sweater, I just used Amazon prime to buy the sweater, barrette, and button down, and I think the skirt came from Old Navy. The glasses (reading glasses) also came from Amazon - I need to figure a way to remove the lenses (and I know for a fact they do this on BBT for real, Leonard's glasses do not have glass in them) but the frames are rather delicate and I don't want to break them.

This was the general look I was going for but I couldn't find a tan/navy cardigan:




I love some of these pics!

We reenacted the tiara scene:

Costume for sale!

Amy Farrah Fowler costume for sale!  $75 plus S&H

Old Navy Jeans Skirt, size 14, 20" long in front. retail $28

Tommy Hillfiger cardigan, size L - retail $44

Izod Button-down 3/4 sleeve plaid shirt, size XL - retail $25

glasses - retail $8

hair barrettes

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