Monday, September 9, 2013

Star Trek 2009 - Uhura

I thought I would do an individual post on my "Uhura" costume - in quotes because I don't remotely resemble Zoe Saldana, but because I like her outfit so much, I thought I would do an individual post on it.

Figuring once again that Anovos could do it way better than me, I bought their red NuTrek dress. It's really well made with a fitted inner layer that gives the dress structure. It makes it hard to go over the head a bit, but I like it having support, I think it's more flattering that way. These dresses are sized slightly smaller than the TOS Anovos dresses, as a warning, so check the sizing guide.

Apparently what Uhura wore in the film is most similar to the DKNY Dia boots, but with a side zip, not a back zip. The Rebel has the side zip but the wrong velcro flap. I was able to pick up a pair of the DKNY Dia boots on ebay, so put a watch up if you're looking for them.

See the discussion on boots here: 

And their graphic comparing the boots below:

I also acquired a pair of Uhura's earrings.  From the first movie, she wore Alexis Bittar's lucite "Pod" earrings in red and silver. I have the silver ones.

And a few pics from DragonCon 2013:

IMG_2614 IMG_2621




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