Sunday, November 17, 2013

Halloween 2013

A few photos (I only took a few) from my friend's Halloween Party from a few weeks ago. It was low key and we got in some card games, so it was a good time. I rewore my NuTrek dress since I hadn't worn it there yet and it was easy, and Doug wore is Original Series costume which he also hadn't worn to this party. So we were both redshirts. The party broke up relatively early because we're old because we had to get up earlyish the next day for the regency Pumpkin tea, and I had to go home and put curlers in my hair. Commitment, I tell you.


My friend Neal dressed as the "Government Shutdown" - he printed out the website error message and wore it. Scary indeed.


Koji went as the Koji who plays for Boston. Note that our host is a diehard Yankees fan. IMG_4954

Scott was Ironman:

Mindy was the Zombie Tea Party:

Me and Neal's daughter Maya who wore a Trek costume to this party a few years ago:


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