Friday, August 30, 2019

Francaise Dinner 2019

Also this past spring, was the 2019 Francaise dinner. Doug and I were supposed to go and Janine and Ron were going to babysit for us… and then Elena got sick and I didn’t want to expose them to germs (especially given how Baby Plague 2018 turned out). So instead Janine went as my guest and Doug stayed home with the kiddo. I was pretty wiped out and Janine has an early bedtime so we didn’t stay super late and I don’t have a ton of pictures, but we did have a lovely dinner at our table with Mike and Gloria. AND (even though I was tired), I felt 100% better than last year when I was recovering from Baby Plague 2018 still and felt awful. So bonus.

The dinner was at Gadbys Tavern this year and the tavern advertised it so there was a huge turnout! I love that venue but it was pretty tight and hard to get around too much to socialize as much as I would have liked.





Janine and I both wore chemise gowns (I was basically looking for something easy to wear and to change in and out of!). I had a feather, but it went askew. Necklace by Gloria/ In the Long Run Designs.




Meanwhile at home, Elena plots trying to get to the cat food.






Also, I kept my Po-zu boots on because they were warm and easy to walk in. No one saw them. Janine wore her Captain Marvel sneakers.


I don’t remember whose pic this was, sorry! Stephanie maybe?


This was Christina Stewart York’s photo of us with Natasha’s husband in his Scots finest.

christina stewart york

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