Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Star Wars Celebration II and III (2002 and 2005)

I seem to not have taken many pics at CII, just some film ones (I think?) of the costumes on display:


I also apparently didn't take many at CIII either, but that might have been because I was walking around in a Benedryl-induced stupor and was suffering from a lack of sleep.

I did, however, meet a Lando.  Oh, and my Leia Bespin and Picnic costumes was done! Actually, I remember frantic-ly gluing sequins to that picnic skirt, trying to get the costume done. Even my husband helped. And then I don't think I wore it much.  That's how it goes I guess.

Also, by this time, the lovely  SisterSola had started going to Cons with our group - another person I'm so glad to still be friends with!

More pics:

Surlygirlie also had a Bespin costume with amazing embroidery, and she generously shared her embroidery pattern with me.  I wouldn't have finished mine without her!


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  1. I didn't exactly know where to put this. I did a headdress similar to Padme's celebration gowns. If you'd like the pattern just ask.