Thursday, February 16, 2012

Velvet Spencer

I made a velvet spencer on Sunday! I did the entire thing in one day, pretty much, other than some finishing touches. (I added hook and eyes and two belt loops because I couldn't keep it all in place.)

I used the Past Patterns 1809 spencer, which actually fit me perfectly. It was a little shy on directions, which was mostly not a problem, but I did have trouble figuring out which was the left and which the right sleeve. I'm still not sure if I guessed right. :-/

I used vintage thread covered buttons on the back - not sure they go with the buckle? A friend gave me the buckle and I really like it. I think it's probably ok together.

I used some cotton velvet I got from RedThreaded - I'm not sure if it was a blend - it was really plush, but it also didn't crease almost at all. It was pretty much a dream to work with, unlike the silk velvet I used on that little S&S vest. (Which I kind of want to redo, which is a little crazy.) The jacket went together really easily. And the velvet didn't fray or slip much at all. And pins didn't mark it. It was really great. And I had just enough fabric with a little bit leftover.

I lined the jacket with the dotted fabric I used one my first regency dress. It'll match if I ever wear it with that!

Also, everything I used came from the stash!  I have so much stuff I've really been trying to focus on using it rather than buying stuff for new projects.

Here are some photos!


  1. Cute dress and the specer looks like somthing you could wear for every day!