Friday, February 17, 2012

Star Trek uniform

I have friends who want to do a costume group, so I splurged on one of the Anovos Star Trek uniforms. It's really cool and the body of it was true to size, but the sleeves were SO small. I'm not skinny, but I don't think my forearms are abnormally large and I could barely fit them in the sleeve! Fortunately there are huge seam allowances in both seams of the sleeve, so I let them all out and it fits better. It's also a stretchy material, which helps.

Here are some pics on the dress form, and a few of Uhuru in the original.  (I bought the blue uniform - science, you know!)


  1. This uniform is absolutely gorgeous! I made one in red last summer... It was a real bear, and I never did get the back correct. Definitely worth the splurge to buy an Anovos!

  2. I'm sure this costume is tricky with all those seams! Sometimes it's nice to buy instead of make! I was lucky to be able to get one!

  3. Does anyone happen to know of a pattern that's LONGER than the real costumes? (for any of the Star Trek dresses, Original Series, TNG, the movie reboot I don't care, even just a similar knit dress pattern I could adapt! I can't even find one of those!) I just can't bring myself to wear a properly short Star Trek dress, but I'd really love to have one (if I can't, I guess I'll resort to a female TNG jumpsuit, but ugh! jumpsuit! ick!) - all the patterns are either official and so short, or they're instructions for turning a man's t-shirt into one (also too short unless I spend an arm and a leg for a extra tall t-shirt, at which point I'd rather just spend the money to sew it and make it properly)

  4. LOVELY. But holy SMOKES those are some short skirts on Uhura!

  5. @ Ally, I simply lengthened the "official" Star Trek uniform pattern and, while the back was confusing (my zipper ended up in the CB and I eliminated the pleat and just extended the seam below the zipper), the rest of it turned out looking like a proper TOS uniform. I lengthened each pattern piece by about 7 inches, and then evened out the hem once it was put together to get it about 5 inches longer than the pattern called for(since the pieces are asymmetrical and difficult to lengthen correctly at the patterning stage, before you really know how they go together. Or at least before I did!). This method worked out just fine to lengthen it; this might sound obvious, but be careful to continue the angle of the side seams, as well, to get the proper amount of flare! And remember to buy extra fabric if you plan on doing this; the pieces don't fit properly once they are longer and wider at the hem (since you've been continuing the angle of the A-line skirt). Hope that is helpful.

  6. Thanks! That's very helpful... I think I will have to put it on hold until I have a bit more sewing chops just to be sure though... (Also today I found the two shades of knit fabric I hadn't been able to find even online (very weird that more places don't have more colors of knit fabric, maybe I was missing the obvious places to look being such a newbie) to make a version of Luna Lovegood's yellow dress from Deathly Hallows Part 1, so making that is my next goal (and probably challenging enough for me at the moment - I'm still quite a beginner))

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    1. It's an XL. I bought it in 2012 so I don't know if their sizes have changed. Sorry to miss your comment it got buried in moderation!