Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Regency Sari gown

I actually sewed!  I've had this Sari sitting in my stash for a while, and I had a ton of (non-period) pale pink dupioni I got when the Joanne's near me closed.  So I made a drawstring dress and then after studying a ton of fashion plates, made the Sari as an over gown.

This project went pretty fast - I did most of the sewing in one weekend. And the next weekend I did all the finishing bits.

So, here is the dress! Everyone one it came from my stash, including the ribbon sash, buckle, and vintage buttons I used on the back.

Also, the sari was a dream to work with. Way easier than the dupioni.

Here are the fashion plates I used as inspiration:

This was a big one, though I didn't do buttons all the way down the back.

And I liked the neckline here:

And the gathered shoulders, though mine ended up falling a little higher on the shoulder.

And to justify my pink underdress.... ;-)


  1. LOVE! I love that you included your reference images as well, and that it is strikingly 1912, too. The buttons are a really nice little detail :-)

  2. Great job of taking a Sari, cutting it so that you could use some on the sleeve, it's the finishing touch that pulls the whole dress together. Besides hair/hat and shoes as finishing touches so many of us miss the sleeve. They can be a pain sometimes, but sleeves add the umph to an ensemble.

  3. Thank you everyone! It does have a 1912 feel to it - I thought of that too! I'd love to make a real Teens gown with the same fabric just for fun. I have enough. :-)