Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ebay purchases!

I've gotten a bunch of things on ebay for good prices lately!

I just got this in the mail today and it's SO pretty! It's Victorian 35" necklace, probably glass.

I've been collecting those Victorian name pins that say "Maggie". In my searches, this little sweetheart pin kept coming up.  It was $4.99 and I couldn't let poor Shirley & Don go homeless.  It makes you wonder what happened to them, whether they broke up or not.

Speaking of Maggie pins, I won this jet "Maggie" pin (it hasn't come yet). It was a little more, though less than I paid for some of the silver ones.  Not sure of  date on it, other than "Victorian."

For $9.99, I got this pretty barrette and comb that are celluloid. The seller thought they're possibly bakelite, but I'm not sure.

And lastly, I've been looking at 1840s mourning pins for a while, and I've come close to buying one, but they were a little more than I wanted to pay. I got this one for $36.   It's paste, but pretty I thought. If a bit morbid. :-/

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  1. What a great bunch of goodies you got! I particularly like the Maggie pin. :)