Saturday, February 18, 2012

American Duchess Pemberlies

The American Duchess Pemberlies are super comfortable (but ran 1/2 size bigger than the 18th century shoes, so I had to exchange my 8 for a 7.5) and fit great.

I really wanted to make these Sense & Sensibility shoes:

I bought champagne colored leather paint - it didn't go on quite as light as I would have liked - I think next time I will dilute whatever color I get with the neutral I also bought.  I also bought some silk grossgrain ribbon on etsy. As Lauren suggestion, I used glue to edge the shoes and the side seam. I used her clips and made some rosettes.  I also used two covered buttons (I happened to have blanks on hand).  They're not exact because they're a little darker in color, but they're close!


  1. oh how lovely... I really want to order a pair, but I know with my narrow hard to fit feet, I will walk right out of them if I try...

  2. It is so hard with shoes, isn't it? We've all got different shapes!