Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Antique jewelry - "Maggie" pin

I thought that in addition to posting my own costumes here, this might be a good place to post pics of some of my collection of vintage jewelry, vintage costumes/clothes, and maybe the few pieces from movies.

First up is this name pin that J-9 and Magpie were so sweet to get me for my birthday.  I've since kept a watch out for Victorian name pins (they seemed to have been popular in the 1880s and 90s) and never seen another Maggie one, though it is fun to see what names were popular back then.  And yes, my real name is Maggie, it's not just an online nickname. :-)

Anyway, the pin is so lovely and I feel lucky to have it!

Here is the info that went with the listing for this pin:

Such is the beauty of Victorian piercework, as in this lovely antique sterling silver name brooch for "Maggie", circa 1880's-1890's.

The intricately crafted vintage pin is comprised of unmarked sterling silver (tested), with pierced openwork design of the name "Maggie" surrounded by two little birds and flower, with decoratively etched and engraved details.

The romantic remembrance piece measures 1&1/2 inches round, has a decoratively notched and beaded frame with tube hinge and C - clasp or catch, and weighs 5.4 grams.

A lovely example of sentimental Victoriana.

It is mid to late Victorian, circa 1880's-90's, when name pins as well as place names (like those from the "Grand Tour") were very popular.

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