Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Shakespeare in Love" Polaroids

I bought these from ages ago because I love this movie so much - and I love that particular gown of Viola's.  Here are some scans:


  1. Oh! So great! Thank you for sharing them.
    Thank you for all your sites, they are so informative (and the content is sooo beautiful ;))

    Oh! I have to tell you. That's how I read your post title the first time: Shakespeare/in Love Polaroids... And then it was me thinking: "What's a Love Polaroid?! They certainly got very romantic in the development of that technique..."
    Yes, that's me. Never mind. Just sharing how my neuron works ;)

    Thank you again.
    Kind regards

  2. You're very welcome! :-) Thank you!

    LOL, maybe I should put quotes around "Shakespeare in Love"! :-)

  3. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing these! :D