Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Padme Picnic

This costume was made for Celebration III in 2005 - it took me about 5 months to make. The corset is hand-embroidered. The shawl, formerly a Walmart curtain (and a very close match to the original fabric) was hand-dyed, and edged by machine, with fabric paint details. The circle skirt and blouse are made from silk chiffon overlayed on sueded silk charmeuse. Vines were machine embroidered on both, and nearly 3200 4-petaled flower sequins were hand glued onto the vines. (The sequins were too hard to sew through - they would break too easily). The headband is made from the exact ribbon used for the movie (though in a slightly different shade of green). Two pieces of the ribbon were sewn together, and roses cut out of the shawl fabric and sewn onto the headband. The bun covers for the hair were croched by Lady McSnood. The ribbons for the arms and hair are silk satin - not an exact match - but we haven't found an exact ribbon match yet that is the right width. I made the brooch out of sculpy, and it has real gems in it!

Here is the web page for my costume with my research and more photos:

This was taken in the real picnic meadow near Lake Como.

At FIDM in LA for the Star Wars exhibit.

With the real picnic gown!


  1. Wow! That's so cool that you went to the actual location!
    BTW, I'm planning on starting a fantasy costuming blog sometime soon, so if you want to know when it gets put up, you can follow one of my blogs...