Friday, March 25, 2011

Lady Gaga Glee Rachel costume

For DragonCon 2010, my friends and I did costumes from the Lady Gaga episode of Glee. I was "stuffed animal" Rachel.

Though Rachel says that her dad's stapled the stuffed animals on, there was no way I wouldn't be all scratched to hell like that - so I went with tacking the stuffed animals on. This took forever. I got the stuffed animals off ebay - 3 lots of beanie babies and one lot of someone's childhood toys. :-/

I actually really hated making this. Seriously, after my first day of gutting stuffed animals I was nauseated! It's really heavy, actually, despite me taking most of the stuffing/beads out of the animals. Mine's a little longer than hers and after wearing it a few times at DragonCon, things were starting fall off (we have a jumper!). I need to shorten it a bit, and retack things on if I wear it again.

Here is the web page for my costume construction details and more photos:

Here is our whole group:

Not only did we make the costumes, but we learned choreography!!

Here is one Masquerade vid of us. It's from the side, not the front, so the effect of the line isn't great. Whoever did the tech work on the official one, that got broadcast knew what they were doing because they knew exactly who to focus on and when, like they'd not only seen, but studied the Glee episode.
If we're out of time with each other a bit it's because we could barely hear the music on stage (no monitors?) and if it weren't for the audience clapping...

Also, that stage was wide but really short and it was hard to fit us all in. We had no rehearsal on that stage at all, and were really fortunate that we were able to sneak in and stand on it so we could look at the dimensions. Have I excused it enough?

But this is still cool! We start at 10 minutes in:

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